Thank you for your support

While Laser sailing is the most pure and barebones form of sailing, it still has significant cost. Attendance on the world cup circuit requires travel across the globe and is inherently expensive. Your contributions will go directly towards my travel, accommodations, regatta entry, boat charter, and equipment. I have every measure set in place to secure my success in my endeavour; your support will allow me to unlock all of them.


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Donate in CANADA (tax deductible)

If you are a Canadian resident donations are eligible for a tax deduction when made through Wind Athletes Canada.  Wind Athletes Canada is a registered amateur athletic association dedicated to helping find elite Canadian sailors on their Olympic quests.  View my profile and donation page here.

Donate on gofundme

If you are located outside of Canada and want to support please check out my GoFundMe page.  This contains my crowdfunding efforts and updates regarding where I am and what I am currently working on.