Final lead in SWC Miami 2017

Racing starts tomorrow for Miami Sailing World Cup 2017.
I am looking forward to starting the series and all preparations have gone according to the plan that I have made prior to the event. All that is left now is to go out and sail.
Together with my coach we have put three process goals together and generally put they are: Starting, Strategy, and Starstruck. The last one I will leave to your imagination...
I feeling confident in my preparation and process and the work that I have put in the three months prior to this event. Regardless of the turnout I could have not done anything more to ready myself, and that leaves me with a good feeling.
Thank you so everyone for your continued donations, Peter Bruneu for the flights here, and the partnerships who help me do what I love. I can't thank you all enough for taking the time or money to make what I do a reality.
Here is a VLOG from the final days leading into the event
Thank you,
Justin Norton
Canada 206118