Name: Justin Anthony Norton

Birthday: August 31, 1991

Height: 5'11

Weight: 185lbs

Hometown: Ottawa, Canada 

Yacht Club: Britannia Yacht Club

Current Class of Boat: Laser

Coach: Giorgio Elena

Sailing has always just made sense since stepping onto a boat when I was two weeks old.   Toys and video games didn't do it for me, I only wanted to play with ropes and anchors.  My father Dr. John Norton forwarded me every opportunity he could to foster my love of the sport.  When I first started competing in the Optimist at age eleven it was clear to me that I wanted to make this passion a career and achieve sailing excellence.

I began racing the Laser when I was fifteen years old and began my journey climbing the rankings in North America and Internationally.  Having been involved with high level athletics my whole life I stand poised today to commence the four year journey of becoming an Olympian.

With many people sharing the same dream as mine it requires deep self reflection and evaluation when determining why am I more capable over the next person.  It comes down to two questions. What do I do the same as everyone else on this path? And what do I do better than anyone else.

To be a medal contender at the Olympics requires meticulous programming that ensures everyday's training is inline with benchmarked goals.  This requires an immense level of commitment and makes every second of every day extremely valuable.  To me this is one of the most enjoyable parts of the journey, the process.  Whether it be physical, technical or tactical, the ability to see growth in targeted areas is what I thrive on.  Despite all this everyone in this game works hard.

What distinguishes me from others is a character trait that turns arduous technical skills and conceptually difficult theories into a healthy but inescapable obsession.  If I am unable to grasp something it lives at the forefront of my mind until a solution is clear. In practice this involves monotonous repetition, vivid visualization, and deep theorizing.  Simply put, when my mind is set to something few persevere and succeed the way I do.  It is this obsessional perseverance - a natural born trait -  that allows me to work harder than anyone else in the Laser fleet.